Fernando Fernández Seveso


Fernando Fernandez-Seveso is founding director of EG. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in the Latin American oil and gas industry where he has been involved in the exploration of frontier areas, the re-exploration of mature areas, and field development. Most of his oil and gas experience includes the development and application of multidisciplinary techniques for the management and prediction of reservoir and seal.

Fernando graduated with a degree in Geology at the Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina), he specialized in petroleum geology at the University of Buenos Aires and seismic interpretation at Cornell University (NY). Fernandez-Seveso has attended courses in North America and Europe, and has published and presented numerous papers both internationally. He was instructor at the Instituto Superior de Exploración Petrolera and YPF.

As part of EG, his main branch of work is the evaluation of oil and gas areas and reservoir characterization creating opportunities in exploration and development areas. He coordinates workflows to link static reservoir characterization with numeric flow simulation and reserves certification and audits.

Luis Piccioni


Luis Piccioni is founding director of EG and has more than 30 years of work in the oil and gas industry in Latin America. His work experience includes planning and supervision of field operations, seismic and geological interpretation, technical and economic evaluation of exploration/production areas and the leading of geociences-engineering integrated teams.

Luis graduated as geologist from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina) and subsequently attended numerous post-grade international oil and gas industry courses.

His area of expertise covers reservoir characterization for the evaluation of oil and gas assets. He conducts geological and geophysical interpretation ensembling reservoir static models and creating exploration and development opportunities. Luis teams up with operating companies to produce development plans and technical-economical evaluations.